Want to take your training to the next level? Try our personal training. With our coach’s undivided attention, you’ll meet your goals in no time.Choose your coach, set your goals and smash them. Whether it’s losing weight, improving your fitness, learning kickboxing or competing, our coaches carefully tailor a plan and guide you towards your goals. During an initial consultation with one of our expert coaches, your goals will be identified and set, then your training plan formed. With the guidance of your coach, you will ensure meet your goals in a safe and effective way.



Our corporate training program is designed for small to large groups of employees and is delivered in a variety of fitness and kickboxing-style bootcamps. Using dynamic and fun team building exercises, your staff will not only be engaged in the session, but feel energised and motivated during the workout and afterwards in the office. Staff taking part in the session will improve their overall health and fitness leading to an increase in their focus, motivation and productivity in the workplace. Not only that, they will create stronger bonds with their co-workers.

Our self-defense program is designed to empower individuals by improving personal safety and awareness. Our course teaches self-defense and effective strategies to recognize, avoid, and respond to unwanted encounters or physical violence perpetrated by strangers and/or people you know. Hugely popular with females, the course covers all situations from a standing position to being pinned to the ground. It can be delivered as a specialised corporate training course which promotes employee well-being and safety, it is also a fantastic way to encourage team work and bonding between co-workers.



Our wellness program is a tailor-made, holistic program consisting of three elements: fitness, nutrition and life coaching. This program provides the ultimate plan to achieve a healthy body and mind. By analysing in depth your current lifestyle, a tailor-made program is produced to ensure you form new healthy routines and habits that will result in healthier body and mind leaving you with greater overall wellbeing and a new sense of focus and motivation.

To book your first class and receive your reduced first time comer price, contact us via email at info@kbfkickboxingstudio.com or on facebook at www.facebook.com/kbfkickboxingstudio