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KBF Kickboxing Studio is the only dedicated martial arts fitness gym in Ho Chi Minh City and offers exciting, non-contact fitness classes aimed at both men and women. Classes combine cardio (HIIT) and strength training (dumbbells and. kettlebells) with kickboxing. Members are taught and practise their kickboxing skills and get fit by punching and kickboxing the heavy bags and pads, there is no sparring between members so there is no risk of injury in any class. KickBoxFit also provides hand wraps, boxing gloves, hand towels and water (but please bring your own water bottle), you just turn up ready to train.

KBF 50 classes combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) and kickboxing techniques. Classes start with a warm-up, then move onto 20 minutes of high intensity interval training using body weight exercises, kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbbells. Members then spend 5 minutes learning kickboxing combinations then it's onto the heavy bags and pads for 20 minutes of kickboxing.

KBF Skills classes teach kickboxing and Thai boxing fundamentals. We teach footwork, punching, kicking, knees and elbows and how to put these all together in a combinations. Although though this is not as physical challenging or tiring as our other classes, improving your kickboxing technique will give you a more fun and intense workout when joining our KBF 50 or KBF 30 classes.

KBF 30 is our lunchtime class consisting of 9 workout stations split into kickboxing and HIIT. The full workout will take just over 30 minute to complete so it's perfect for those wanting a quick lunchtime workout before getting back to the office for the afternoon. As it only take 30 minutes to complete, you can arrive and start the workout any time between 12 and 12:25pm and still finish the workout by 1pm when the class ends.

Of course! All beginners are asked to arrive 10 minutes before the class for an induction with one of our coaches to learn the basic lunches before joining the class. The workout is adjusted to cater for all abilities to ensure everyone gets a great workout and is pushed to their limit!

Yes! Unlike other fitness classes that might require you to complete a certain number of exercises, our workouts require you to exercise in a time limit, therefore you complete what you can in that time. This is beneficial because if you are out of shape, you complete the number of sit-ups or squats, for example, required to tire you out in the time limit.

However, the fitter you get, the more you can complete in the time limit; this means the exercise never really gets easier and you will always get a great workout!

Yes! Although 70% of our members are female, both males and females of varying fitness levels and abilities attend the class and all have a great workout.
Absolutely not! There is no contact with other members of the group. After we have done our high intensity interval training, we continue our workout by punching and kicking pads and heavy bags. There is absolutely no sparring, fighting or contact between KBF members.

There are a huge range of health benefits that come from taking KBF classes. Here are some:

  • Effective in promoting fat loss
  • Burns a huge amount of calories each class
  • Increases muscle mass and fast twitch muscle fiber
  • Increases speed
  • Increases strength
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Relieves stress from all aspects of life
  • Learn a new skill
  • Improve foot, hand and eye coordination
  • No contact/sparring/fighting between class members therefore is incredibly safe
  • .....and arguably the most important... it's extremely FUN!

This is a question we get asked a lot by worried females! The answer is no, you will not get big arms and shoulders. KBF promotes fat loss and does build muscle so your arms and shoulders will begin to change shape after a number of weeks of training and begin to look stronger and more athletic, but they will not be big or manly. You need to lift heavy weights and eat a lot for this to happen!

KBF 50 class is 50 minutes, KBF 30 is 30 minutes and KBF skills class is also 50 minutes.
We provide hand wraps, boxing gloves, towels and water. You just need to bring a water bottle, a big towel if you want to shower and wear workout clothes ready to train.
Absolutely. Even though our coaches are ex-fighters and big on technique, we only teach offensive kickboxing technique so you hit the bag correctly and get a great workout. We do not train people to be competitive kickboxers. If you are interest in competing, please speak to a member of staff about personal training sessions.
Yes! As classes have limited spaces, it's important you book before to guarantee your spot in a class. If you're a member, use this link to book your spot If you've never trained at KBF before, contact us first.
Classes are limited to 16 people in PXL studio, and 18 people in Thao Dien studio.

We have different options of member fee and class packages:

At our Thao Dien studio:

  • One month training package - 3.5 million vnd (145k per class)
  • Three month training package - 9.6 million and (130k per class)
  • Six month training package - 16.8 million and (115k per class)
  • One year training package - 24 million and (80k per class)
  • 10 class package* - 3.2 million vnd (320k a class)
  • 20 class package* - 6 million vnd (300k a class)
  • 40 class package* - 9 million vnd (225k a class)
  • Individual class - 390k vnd
  • Personal Training - 1,2 million vnd per hour with coach Mike & Lucas, 1,1 mil with Oanh (Mia) Discount applied when book in bulk**

*Must be used within valid time


NB - One month and class pack are are non-refundable and non-transferable. All other packages are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be frozen. Over 3 months membership is possible but term and condition will be applied

Please reference on our website for the schedule in Studio tab.

Our Thao Dien Studio is located in the heart of Thao Dien, just s few door steps from Snap Cafe. The exact address is 36 Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chí Minh city.​


To book your first class and receive your reduced first time comer price, contact us via email at or on facebook at